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Here are a few pages relating to our new sporty pastime. The menu (left) relates only to our tandem pages.

W   e had a tandem a few years ago before we began our life afloat but stowing it onboard was   impossible so we sold it. Now that we are back on land it seems natural to return to tandeming. I have cycled (or is that ridden bikes?) all of my life and so am a little quicker than Janet but we find the tandem a great solution for us to both arrive at the destination together. Also, neither of us like the business of roads today but we are observing that motorists, perhaps treating us as a bit of a novelty, give us a wide berth. All very comforting.

Tandem Gallery Detailed photographs showing the actual bike, its fittings and how it is set up.
Technical Page We've learned quite a bit about tandems of late. Here we discuss our findings.
Members site This is the members site of the Tandem Clubs (UK) West Yorkshire region. Its quite new and so still taking shape.

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