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Photo by Alan Sills - Thanks Alan.
Mithril sailing down the Belgian coast - 2003.

Mithril's Boat Page

Mithril is the first of a run of about 20 boats molded by Colvic Craft PLC in Essex during the period 1996 – 98.

The design is from the pen of Peter Ibold and Mithril was completed to our specification by John Reed & Son of Happisburgh

She has a flush deck with a pilot house, she is cutter rigged and although she has a fully battened main she retains the classic lines and sea keeping qualities of her very successful predecessors. The underwater profile has been modified in this design to greatly enhance sailing performance both to windward and in light airs.  All sail handling is at the mast, snug and safe behind granny bars.

We have tried to make Mithril self sufficient regarding battery power and she has a 350 Ah service battery bank fed by a 100W solar panel on a gantry above the cockpit and an Aquair wind generator hoisted in the rigging. Under way the Aquair is used as a towed generator.

A HF transceiver offers long distance communications capabilities via a 15M backstay aerial on marine and amateur (ham) bands. With luck we will have email using a Pactor modem and Sail Mail, but more on this later.

Great eh
Mithril's new owners

Here they are. We have just been for a delightful test sail and all parties are pleased. Minutes later, having tied up on the professional pontoon in La Minimes, out came the champagne. The deal was done and Mithril had moved into new hands. The couple retire next year and will sail Mithril in the Mediterranean.

We wish Mithril and crew good winds and flat seas, and hope to see them sailing in the Med.

Prior to Mithril we had Dee Jay, a Westerly Falcon which we sailed out of Maryport in Cumbria. Maryport was probably our most enjoyable marina to date, being only an hour from home and a few hours from the Scottish South coast. We had many a happy cruise with the club up to the Western Isles, and believe me they are superb for cruising; strong winds maybe, rain occasionally but usually flat waters due to little fetch between the islands. Oh yes, and currents, but that’s another story. It was in those days that our learning curve was steepest ,although, looking forwards to our cruising plans over the next few years I see the curve steepening once again