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nice glass of rose this
Hi, I'm Barry.

Hi, I'm Barry

I learned to sail in the 70's on friend Geoff's National 12 and David's Hobie 16 catamaran. Great days. In the 80's Janet and I bought our first yacht, a Jaguar 25 and since then we've never looked back. I gained the Yachtmaster Offshore qualification in the late 90's simply to make our paperwork look more impressive to foreign reviewers. They have yet to look impressed! Janet and I have covered over 10,000 miles on Mithril

For the 10 years prior to retirement I worked as a communications consultant, specifically at the leading edge of mobile phone design and manufacture. Clients have been based in Finland, Japan, Korea, Czech Republic, US and UK. The work was stunningly complex but very exciting and luckily involved regular travel inside all of these countries. Sadly Nokia and Motorola slipped the net but the rest made quite a catch; you know the names.  (Update June 2006:  Motorola just bought the company.)

This photo is by David Potter on Morgan. We had just enjoyed a BBQ on Morgans foredeck. Ruby T is in the background.
I'm Janet.

I'm Janet

My first experience of sailing was a cold windy day in October sometime in the eighties, it was on Ullswater in the English Lake District aboard a Hobie Cat. Not the best of introductions but since then its only got better. Now I am well and truly hooked; I enjoy the voyage planning the pilotage and the freedom that sailing gives us, to choose whether to moor in a busy harbour or anchor in a quite backwater.

Completion of the Boca do Risko

A little more information about us.

For the last four years, since we took early retirement, we have lived aboard our sailing yachts Mithril and Ruby Tuesday. The first winter saw us readying Mithril for the trips of a lifetime, ones which would have no boundaries and so a first year saw us visit the Baltic and, during 3500 sea miles, completely circle it and returned to Eastbourne on the UK's South coast for the winter. We were older, wiser and we had a richness of memories from our first year afloat.  Our second year took us towards warmer climates, initially along to Dartmouth and across to the Channel Islands, for the Liberation Day celebrations, then to France and a coastal sail round into Biscay on another voyage of discovery. We realised many have travelled this route but for us it was the first time we had sailed South of the Channel Islands.

Our first year involved so much time spent in preparation that we did not sit back and evaluate Mithril's ability to support two liveaboards for a sustained period; indeed, we might have even glossed over her lack of living space during our zeal to be up and away.

Photo by Mary ........
Ruby T sailing nicely
along the Algarve coast.

To many, therefore, it will not be a surprise to find that as of August 2005 we have changed Mithril for a shiny new Dufour 40 Performance which we have called Ruby Tuesday.

No details here but we blame our complacency born of the French summer sun, a super Dufour salesman named Chris, and Dufour's willingness to offer a part-exchange deal on Mithril. Oh yes, and the fact that a cancelled order was looking for a buyer so offering an almost immediate delivery.

If you visit our log (see Log button at top) which is actually more of a travelogue, you will gain an insight into our travels over the last 4 years. Writing it has, in the main, been fun for us although at times difficult owing to the diversity of our readership. We have  sailing friends wanting to hear of our weathering storms and tempests and relatives pleased to read about summer sun and tranquil harbours. Luckily we've had a bit of both so maybe our writing has struck the necessary balance, and looking at the visitors counter (top right of page) this surely shows we have got some thing correct.

David (with spinaker).

This is David,

our eldest son. He's joined us in the Baltic for 4 weeks visiting Finland, Russia and Estonia, he has helped on our shake-down cruises in the LR area aboard Ruby Tuesday in 2005, has sailed in Galicia during 2006 and visited us on Madeira in 2007.

Here he can be seen ready to release the spinnaker if our speed becomes excessive (that means any more frightening) as we have never travelled at 10 knots before.

nice glass of rose this
walking in the forects in Galicia

Sister Margaret & Nigel

Margaret and Nigel visit most years, and so have sailed on Ruby Tuesday with us in La Rochelle, La Coruna and Lagos. As well as the UK of course, but on Mithril..

Eve on the helm racing.

Sister Eve.

2008 was Eve's first vist sailing since the mid eighties. She visited us in Lagos and joined us for the club regatta on the Sunday. Here she is on the helm approaching one of the turning marks.