2006-5 Photo Gallery

Atlantic coast of Spain & Portugal:   Click on a picture to enlarge it.

Isla Cies photographed from the road above Bayona. As I put the camera away I was picked up by a manic bunch of cyclists. They virtually towed me to Bayona. Phew!

Huge pontoons in Marina Darvila Sport. In the background are the outskirts of Vigo. Its 5mins by dinghy or 50 mins on foot around the harbour to the point you can see.

Basilica on Monte de Santa Luzia. It was worth the climb of 630 steps if only to hear the choir. They sounded absolutely wonderful. The Basilica was fantastic as well and the carved granite so ornate..

Janet, with Steve and Sue of White Egret, view the magnificent Coimbra library. Apparantly it is the 2nd oldest library in Portugal, the one in Lisbon being a few years older.

No place for virtigo

Janet surveys the land from 50 ft up, sat on the town walls of Obidos. Not a fence or bannister in site and no dead idiots at the foot of the wall. Strange that!

Looking along the top of the walls

Walls ring the town of Obidos. In the distance is the castle; now a wonderful Pousada hotel.

Dom Vasco da Gama overlooking Sines harbour. Did he really look like that?

Janet helms at 9.5 knots past Cape St Vincent. The wind is being funnelled by the Cape and is now a good F6. Maybe we should have reefed! Too late now.
Cape St Vincent viewed from land. The cliffs are 42m high. We hope to visit the Cape during bad weather when waves can be seen to shoot above the cliff tops.

See what I mean? This is a postcard of Cape St Vincent in bad weather.