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2006 Log
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Happy New Year dear friends and readers.

Kay and Mike enjoy a glass of wine with us Picnic in December Roy's last photo

Welcome to this the first page of the 2006 travelogue. Its been a good winter so far; November and December both had a few days of serious rain, over 25mm some days, but otherwise its been fine and sunny due to high pressure system after system arriving to bring Northerly winds and wonderful sunny days. Inside the "shed" (our cockpit tent) its been tee shirt weather and we've regularly lunched there.

We've been lucky by once again having a few good neighbours around us (see pictures above). Kay and Mike have a Westerly Conway called Cinnabar they are wintering in Rochefort about 20km from us, but as they have a car we seem to get together for lunch almost weekly. Another couple, Jill and David, have a Heavenly Twins catamaran called Morgan and are our closest neighbour i.e. 50m along the pontoon. They are taking a few years off work simply to enjoy the freedom living aboard brings. And then there is Roy.

Captain, Doctor Professor Roy is perhaps the order of titles he'd prefer, having lived abroad R n R (also a Heavenly Twins cat) for almost 20 years and spending 15 of them sailing the Med with wife Judy. Prior to that he was an author and college professor specialising in exercise physiology, biomechanics, fitness and well being. He has had 14 books published, of these the most famous 2 are "Fat is not a four letter word" and "Adagio" which are still gaining modern reference on the web. A fitting epitaph maybe as he died in the US 3 weeks after the above photo was taken. We have regular dinner dates within our group but I'll best remember Roy's afternoon ice-cream parties and pop-corn parties. At 73 he still had a splendid alertness, both mental and physical, right up until his bone cancer simply got the better of him. A smashing bloke and I miss him lots.

On a lighter note, we had Christmas in Yorkshire and also a February visit to Cambridge for Tracy's 40th birthday, and we might make a final trip home before the sailing season starts. Barry's sister Eve visited for one week, bringing with here some excellent weather. We had a good time showing her around the sites of la Rochelle and Ile d Rea.

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