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New programs
1st July 08

Programs available for downloading from this site.

The following are programs I've found useful on PC's and Pocket PC's. All are downloadable directly from this actual site so no dreaded redirection or pop-ups will result. Most, I believe, are freeware so perfectly legal. Importantly, some are the last freeware versions that were available so should not be updated to later versions without first checking out the newer version on line. Some need you to register else the program has limited functionality or might time-out after either 7 or perhaps 30 days. You'll see. And, as is always the case, use a bit of common sense and stay legal, and if you try a program and you don't like it uninstall it.

  • KeyScrambler - is a useful freeware program for fooling key sequence loggers.
  • Reg Clean - Eusing's freeware registry cleaner available here and from PC World.
  • SeaTTY - is an excellent freeware program for HF SSB weather and fax downloading.
  • Google Earth - an amazing program from Google. Freeware.
  • Starry Night - This is the beginners version so I think its freeware
  • and legal.
  • U Grib - installs the US GRIB weather viewer. Free registration but an email address is needed to obtain the password.
  • Airmail for hams - Has a good propagation program. Usable without a Pactor modem. Freeware for hams only.
  • Fast Stone Image Viewer - Best freeware photo editor and viewer I've come across. Lets YOU decide how best to do things.
  • FileZilla - an FTP program. (Last freeware version)
  • Pocket Music - an add-on to a Pocket PC allowing iTunes, WMA and MP3's to be played. Great user interface with all of the usual bells and whistles.
  • Folder Size An add-on for Windows Explorer to show the size of a folder and its contents. And its a freeware program.
  • Ezy Thumbnails - Allows thumbnail photos, of any size, to be created from your umpteen mega-pixel originals. Great for adding sensible sized photos into emails. Freeware.
  • Flexible Re-namer - Great for re naming files, photos, music etc. Suddenly file names, e.g. on photos, can have real meaning. Freeware.
  • DX Atlas - This radio call-signs atlas is a way of locating and also keeping a record of all of the radio contacts and locations of those contacts.
  • MP3 music file shrink - why put MP3 files on your player at 256kB when 80kB sounds as good? Takes much less space as well.
  • Partition magic - Not for the faint of heart this one. Like Windows Vista, partition you hard drive into two (or more) different drives. Freeware.
  • Web log lite - For site managers only. Allows you to check the details of your site's activities. (fussy to use but good) Freeware.
  • Ham Radio Deluxe - a SW radio control program and log book. Great for decoding the whole range of digital ham data transmissions. Freeware.
  • Irfan View - a useful photo editor. Freeware.
  • Backup Safe keeper - This backup utility does full and timed incremental backups of chosen directories. Freeware.
  • QuickMenu - this is the java script menu generator used on this very web site.