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10th Sep 08.
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Homeless in Yorkshire
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Ruby Tuesday on the Algarve.

Hello and welcome to visitors in

This is the cruising website of Barry and Janet and covers our liveaboard travels from 2003 when we both retired and moved aboard our sailing yacht. You can read of travels aboard the yachts Mithril and Ruby Tuesday together with facts, pictures and observations of the people and places on our route. We've also got a few totally factual pages relating to us, the boat and technical topics relevant to cruising sailors and would-be cruising sailors. The buttons above give quick access to the named pages and a site map is also available and might help a first time visitor. Also note, if a picture has a wide blue edge then click it to see an enlargement.

We hope you enjoy your visit here, and if you do, or find it useful, then please sign our Guest Book. Why not sign it anyway, then we can at least see who is visiting.

Latest: We are now back in the UK and Ruby Tuesday has been sold. It was with great sadness that we parted with her but the original plan was for 5 years afloat and that most wonderful task had been accomplished.
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