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Ruby Tuesday on the Algarve.

Hello and welcome to visitors to our website.

This is the cruising website of Barry and Janet and covers our liveaboard travels from 2003 when we both retired and moved aboard our sailing yacht. You can read of travels aboard the yachts Mithril and Ruby Tuesday together with facts, pictures and observations of the people and places on our route. We've also got a few totally factual pages relating to us, the boat and technical topics relevant to cruising sailors and would-be cruising sailors. The buttons above give quick access to the named pages and a site map is also available and might help a first time visitor. Also note, if a picture has a wide blue edge then click it to see an enlargement.

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Brief overview year by year.

2004 exploits, as recorded in this our web travelogue, commence in April as we leave Ramsgate hoping to eventually reach St Petersburg in Russia. And then, in sailing 3500 miles, we visit 10 different countries and many of the off lying islands of those countries. We experience Baltic weather very much in line with seasonal norms, and though ice is still being reported in Finland late in May, we still feel we had a warm summer. All of the places and many of the people we meet are mentioned, we also show how important it is to be fully self-sufficient and carry a huge inventory of spares. Whether we had all of the spares we needed you will find out.

Our journey of 2004 covers 6 months and we learned that we should really have left the Baltic one month earlier as the weather during September was becoming hostile. No surprise really because we should have expected prevailing SW winds to mean we�d have to beat for 1000 miles. Sitting here now though, whilst writing this brief synopsis, I�m really only remembering the good times, and they were plentiful. I hope you enjoy our journey.

In 2005,following an enjoyable but unplanned winter in Eastbourne marina we sail for France hoping to reach The Algarve in Portugal by autumn. We experience a few dramatic passages even before we arrive in Biscay and then we meet a couple of old friends from Shotley Point Marina who are enjoying early season sun in La Rochelle.

Whilst in La Rochelle we exchange Mithril for a brand-new Dufour 40 Performance yacht. The rest of the season is spent in the North and West of Biscay in areas, whilst being pretty close to UK shores, are very new to us. We learn to sail a performance yacht and have numerous trips to the Dufour factory. In parting with Mithril we are interviewed by a French sailing magazine and it results in a seven double-pages spread in the magazine. Maybe that now makes us famous!

Latest: We are now back in the UK and Ruby Tuesday has been sold. It was with great sadness that we parted with her but the original plan was for 5 years afloat and that most wonderful task had been accomplished.
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